About freeplus

freeplus aspires to empower the younger generation.


We understand that the young generation are in the midst of exploring their identities and life’s possibilities. They face social pressures and personal challenges, ensnared into a continuous process of trials and errors in search for answers.

In terms of skincare, young individuals have a tendency to use anti-aging skincare products prior to the onset of age-related skin concerns. As a result, the skincare needs of these young individuals are being overlooked, which may lead to the use of suboptimal products and overcare that could potentially harm their skin.

freeplus products uses a refined formula containing bio-based ingredients with the objective to help young individuals embrace the purely energized skin they inherently possess.
At freeplus, we value the wellbeing of the next generation, and we also prioritize the sustainable future of our planet. As part of our efforts to environmental preservation, we use sustainable materials in the packaging of our products.

We strive to fight excess with simplicity. Say goodbye to complexity and welcome to “SEIKAN Skincare,” the skincare for the ambitious minimalist.

Embrace purely energized and vibrant skin with freeplus.
Be free. Be who you truly want to be.


  • Contains sustainable biobased & Amino-acid ingredients

  • Dermatologically tested

  • Sustainable materials used in packaging



  • Simple & effective ingredients
  • Minimal ingredients , less complexity
  • Safe & gentle hypoallergenic formula



Our products bottle section is made from recycled PET to reduce the use of petroleum-derived plastics.*

Packaging box is made from recycled paper.*

*Currently only included mild soap, moist lotion 1 & 2 , moist emulsion 1 &2.

Our Skincare Concept

As a Japanese brand we believe double cleansing and double moisturizing is an essential and unique skincare routine to Japan. Here is reason why:

Double Cleanse

Cleans thoroughly to reduce daily build-up clogged pores

Double Moist

Optimize hydration & protects against dryness

  • moist care lotion blends moisture well onto skin
  • moist care emulsion and watery cream restores the skin’s barrier effects & limits its dehydration.